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Welded Pipe Making Machinery

Welded pipe making machinery produces pipes by continuously roll forming the strips of material until the edges of the strip meet together at a weld station. According to different seam shape, welded pipe making machinery can be divided into straight seam and spiral welded pipe production line.

Welded pipe making machinery is widely used in agriculture industry and construction activities like scaffolding and casing in bore wells. It is a continuous complete line to produce pipes for oil and natural gas transmission.

1. Our welded pipe making machinery is manufactured from high quality materials, thus it is steady, durable and has a long life.
2. Welded pipe production line adopts automatic control. It is easy to operate.
3. It is easy to replace the moulds of welded pipe making machinery, which saves working hour and improves working efficiency.
4. Different specifications of welded pipe making machinery are available as per the demand of customers.

Working Process of Welded Pipe Production Line
Steel Strip → Decoiling → Shearing and Butt Welding → Material Accumulating → Roll Forming → High Frequency Welding → Removing Burrs outside of Weld Seam → Cooling → Sizing → Straightening → Cut to Length → Run-out Table

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