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Spiral Welded Pipe Equipment

Spiral welded pipe making machine is mainly used to produce spiral pipes. It is able to produce pipes with large diameters by using relatively narrower blanks. Besides, by using the same width of blanks, this welded pipe production line can also be used to manufacture welded pipes with different diameters. Spiral welded pipe making machine adopts continuous production and also it produces spiral welded pipe as per API standard in terms of quality.

Spiral welded pipe making machine is suitable for various fluid conveying such as petroleum, natural gas and water as well as construction structural pipes and piling pipes.

1. Spiral welded pipe making machine is a complete production line combined with electric robotization control and hydraulic control.
2. This welded pipe production line is equipped with protector device; the pinching and delivering machine can take self-protecting function when plate thickness changes.
3. Spiral welded pipe making machine adopts PLC control. It is easy to operate and manage.

1. According to different working method, spiral welded pipe making machine can be divided into frontal-swing and back-swing types.
2. According to different feeding method, this welded pipe making machine can be classified into overwind and underwind types.

We carry out ISO9001 quality management system in order to ensure the quality of spiral welded pipe making machines. Our company has more than ten-year’s experience in manufacturing the equipment with a lot of technical information and on-site practical experience. Five functional departments are set in our company with more than 40 designers. 90% of them are senior engineers or the technical staffs with the title above the engineer.

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