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Hydrostatic Pipe Tester

Hydrostatic testing machine is mainly used to have a pressure test on the steel pipe and eliminates the residual stress. According to the different pipe types, this hydrostatic testing equipment can be divided into spiral, straight seam and seamless welded pipe hydrostatic testing machine. It is equipped with comprehensive equipment to guarantee the staff safety.

Hydrostatic testing machine is characteristic of computer recording, storing, printing and testing the results. This hydrostatic testing equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, high testing pressure and high safety.

1. All grading and pressure settings are accomplished at the operation control system, without any physical adjustments.
2. Testing mechanisms are designed with drop-in components to rapidly change pipe size or testing cups.
3. Fully enclosed test hood of hydrostatic testing equipment provides protection for the personnel and adjacent equipment.
4. Optional features of hydrostatic testing machine such as video cameras are designed to ensure further operation safety.

The technology and quality of our products are as good as that in Taiwan or Korea. But the price is far lower than that in Taiwan or Korea. With good economical efficiency and applicability, hydrostatic testing machine shares good reputation among users. We have clients from almost 20 provinces. Besides, the product like hydrostatic testing equipment is exported to many other countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Poland and Uzbekistan.

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