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Straight seam welded pipe production line is able to produce any specification or wall thickness of welded pipes within range. This CFOE mill is made up of uncoiler, accumulator, shearing and butt welding machine, forming machine, roller forming system, seam guide, electric control equipment, roller system for moving, burr removing frame, water cooling system, sizing machine, roller system of leveling, speed testing wheel, run-out table and auto flying saw. CFOE means continuous flexible forming and straight seam submerged-arc welded pipe.

1. Straight seam welded pipe production line adopts continuous production, so there is no need to change the rollers in rough-forming section when the specification needs to be changed.
2. CFOE mill overcomes the shortages of long welding seam and inspection difficulty in inbuilt welding seam.
3. The pipe specification of straight seam welded pipe production line covers all oil gas pipe line at present.

Hangzhou Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing the complete equipment such as spiral welded pipe making machine, straight seam welded pipe making machine equipment, cold-formed steel machine and longitudinal and cross cutting units. Our leading product is welded pipe making machine. The technology and quality of our straight seam welded pipe production line is as good as that in Taiwan or Korea. But the price is far lower than that in Taiwan or Korea.

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