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  • Spiral Welded Pipe End Facing and Beveling MachineDescription Spiral welded pipe flat head chamfering machine is mainly used to flat the pipe end of spiral welded pipes and also to finish the edges. The finished edges are uniform. Pipe end beveling machines can be used in pipes produced by the electric resistance welding (ERW) process as well as pipes produced by the submerged arc welding (SAW) process ...
  • Straight Seam Welded Pipe End Facing and Beveling MachineApplication The ends of the pipe from cutting machine generally leave some flaws and burrs. In order to meet the follow-up processes and user requirements, the burrs of tube-end, internal and external sides need to be deburred. Straight seam welded pipe chamfering machine is used to mill internal and external sides of the tube. Production Process Loading Pipe ...

End Facing and Beveling Machine (EFBM)

Flat head chamfering machine is mainly used for flatting the end of spiral welded pipe and finish the edges. This pipe end beveling machine is made up of foundation, gear box, blade head unit, clamps unit, moving motor, automatic control system, PLC controller and hydraulic system. Our flat head chamfering machine adopts patent pinching tools and is equipped with profile chamfering knife. The finished edges are uniform.

Flat head chamfering machine is important equipment for SSAW (spiral submerged arc welding) pipe mill and ERW (electric resistance welding) pipe mill for making the angle of the both sides of steel pipes.

According to different steel pipe types, flat head chamfering machine can be divided into spiral welded and straight seam welded pipe end facing machine.

Process Flow of Pipe End Beveling Machine
Feeding Pipe → Pipe Receiver → Goes Down onto V Type Lifting Device → V Type Carrying Roll Goes Down to Cutting Center → Clamping Pipe → Locking → Gearbox Starts → Quick Feeding → Beveling and End-Facing → Quick Return → Clamping Open → Pipe Receiver Kick Pipe off → To Next Cycle
The above is general process of flat head chamfering machine, which will be different as per equipment structure and pipe beveling requirement.

Hangzhou Roll Forming is located in the high and new technology industrial development zone in Hangzhou, the heavy industrial base in China. Our company relays on the good science and technology environment and devotes ourselves to perfect flat head chamfering machine. If you are interested in pipe end beveling machine, hydrostatic testing machine or other machines, please feel free to contact us.

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