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  • Square Pipe Mill1. Square pipe making machine adopts modular mold, more pre-bending and directly molding side craftwork, which has the characteristics of free from tearing down the stander, changing roller quickly and low loading.
    2. Square pipe production line is suitable ...
  • Section Steel MillSteel is an alloy of iron and carbon. It is produced in a two-stage process. First, iron ore is reduced or smelted with coke and limestone in a blast furnace, producing molten iron which is either cast into pig iron or carried to the next stage as molten iron. In the second stage, known as steelmaking, impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus, and excess carbon are removed ...

Cold Roll Forming Steel Mill

Square Pipe Mill

Cold roll forming steel mill is special equipment for cold bending profile steel, square and rectangular pipe and circular pipe. This production line of cold roll forming steel consists of an uncoiling machine, unbender unit, active flattening machine, cutter and butt welder, storing loop, forming and sizing unit, computer flying saw, end milling machine, hydrostatic testing machine, inspected equipment, charge table, sack and bale machine, high frequency DC drag and product line electric appliance.

Cold roll forming steel mill as important structural component is widely used in building, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics and machinery manufacturing industries.

1. With decades of experience, we are specialized in designing cold roll forming steel mill for square tube mill and steel sheet pile mill.
2. Continuous technological innovation and our professional engineering team make the production line of cold roll forming steel more intelligent and more efficient.
3. Cold roll forming steel mill has the ability to economically change over to roll other sections, allowing for faster schedules on small orders and increased savings in project production scheduling.

1. According to the different products, the cold roll forming steel mills are divided into square pipe mill and U steel mill.
2. Square pipe mill mainly produces the rectangular pipes. All kinds of which in the range of roller production specifications can be achieved by using direct forming tectonics and the assisted high frequency welding machine. Cold forming steel mill adopts advanced piecewise arc flexible forming technology to guarantee high quality and long service life.

Process Flows
Loading Coil → Uncoiling → Leveling → Cutting and Steel Welding → Forming Machine → Welding → Water Cooling → Sizing → Flying Saw Sizing Cut Off → Finished Products Connection

Hangzhou Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the large-scale enterprises specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing the complete equipment such as welded pipe making machine, cold roll forming steel mill and cross cutting unit. Our products are exported to many other countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Poland and Uzbekistan.