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ERW Tube Mill

ERW pipe mill is suitable for all kinds of round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe. The required equipment and functions depend on the pipe type and sizes intended for production.

According to the product functions, ERW pipe mill can be divided into API model and national standard model. API model mainly produces high level steel pipes, such as delivery pipe of petroleum, natural gas and oil well casing. National standard model mainly produces the steel pipe, such as water-gas pipe and structure pipe.

Some of the features that make ERW pipe mill broadly appreciated and accepted include robust construction, high precision, low change over time and stable production.

Roll Forming provides a balanced line plan by working with our partners in the world to design an entire ERW pipe production line. We not only develop external market but also strengthen our internal management. We specially establish local area network and create fund flow, material flow and information flow software for our company. If you are interested in ERW pipe mill, hydrostatic testing machine or other machines, please feel free to contact us.

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