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Completed Spiral Welded Tube Mill

Spiral Welded Pipe Mill

The max 3000-120 inch series of machine is used to produce the low-pressure transporting pipe and structure pipes. The spiral welded pipe mill is equipped with a whole spiral welded pipe line and necessary finishing equipment.
Material:hot roll or slitting cut steel coil

Specifications of the Welded Pipe Mill

Coil OD Φ1500-2000mm
ID Φ610-760mm
Thickness 10-2000mm
Material Normal carbon steel, low carbon steel Max yield strength is less than 48kg/mm2480Mpa-X70 API HR Q235, Q345, X42-X70 (X70≤19.1, Q235≤25.4mm)
Side Curvature ≤10mm/10m
Tower <30mm
Max Weight 40T

Product Parameters:

Pipe Diameter Φ610-Φ3048mm (24 inch-120 inch)
Thickness 10-25.4mm Max yield strength is less than 48kg/mm2-X70 API HR Q235, Q345, X42-X70(X70≤19.1,Q235≤25.4mm
Helix angle 45°-78°
Max pipe thread pitch 2400mm
Length 8-12m
Configuration One set 40T crane and the other 20T crane
Capacity ~1600KW (Including the beveller, testers , welders and so on)

Parameters and Flow of Process

Front Swiveling Left Helix
Forming Form Three rollers outside controlled
Positioning Form Center Position
Welding Speed 0.8-2.0m/min
Feeding Speed 0.8-2.0m/min
Welding Mode double sides submerged arc welding
Inside Welded Machine     Outside Welded Machine (2 nozzles) I: DC-1500 ⅡAC-1200 (t≥12.7mm) (2 nozzles) I: DC-1500 II: AC-1200 (t≥12.7mm)
Front Swiveling Left Helix

Working Process of the Spiral Welded Pipe Mill:
(coil car) → (uncoil) → (aligning) → (5 roll leveling) → (aligning) → (shearing and cross welding) → (aligning) → (milling) → (aligning) → milling→ (aligning) → (steel plate cleaning) → (driving) → (pre-bending) → forming → (inside welding) → (outside welding) → (cut to length) → (output distributing) → (on-line UT testing) → (welding flux disposing) → (X-ray testing) → (end-facing) → (hydro-static testing) → (collecting&storage)

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